Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cake, Tutus & Baby Shoes

Here I am...did you miss me?

We are getting so excited, you are growing SO fast...we are thinking we may get to see you a little early. We will be ready when you are!

Aunt Nicole and Uncle John threw a party in your honor. It was called a baby shower, and they really did a beautiful job. Look at them with Mommy and Daddy, and look at that beautiful diaper cake and the "real" cake!

You received LOTS of presents...

Mommy and Daddy opened them for you, with the assistance of your sweet cousin Aiden. She is going to LOVE you, she will feel like the big girl when you are born.

Twin brother Brayden was way more interested in Thomas the Train and coloring, than in pink tutus and precious shoes (BTW...a girl can NEVER have enough of either)!

Everyone is excited you are arriving soon.

I've got tons of photos from the shower, we'll look at them in a few years and Lolli will tell you all about it.

Auntie Nicole gave me a cute button that says "Future Grandma." I keep it attached to my purse, just in hopes that someone will ask me about it!

Mommy and Daddy gave me a precious book at the shower entitled "Words to Warm a Grandmother's Heart." I love it! It is full of sweet quotations and scripture, all about appreciating the blessing of grandchildren.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Amy Carmichael. I am unfamiliar with her works, but I do love these words...

"Let us give all that lies within pure praise, to pure loving adoration and to worship from a grateful heart - a heart that is trained to look up."

And listen to these words from Gracie Faulkenberry (age 5).

"I love to open my door and see my Granny standing there. It's like opening up a gift from God."

Well Miss Mackenzie, let me tell you...I would like to borrow those words from Gracie, but the gift from God (the way I see it) is you.

I want you to know that I feel about you the way she feels about her Granny. I do think my heart skips a beat when I speak of you. I am going to do my best to never make God regret allowing me to be your Lolli.

I have so many examples of incredible grandmothers in my life, including your great-grandmother, Mummy. She has set the standards high, and we are all blessed for it.

I'll be back soon...we are going to look at your nursery together. It is precious, Mommy and Daddy have had great ideas and have done a beautiful job. You are just going to love it.

Until I return, remember Lolli loves and prays for you daily. This is one of my daily prayers...

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

I love you little lady... ;p