Monday, December 28, 2009

LCBM (last Christmas before Mackenzie)

Mackenzie, Lolli and Pops have been really loving on friends and family during this Christmas holiday. Much like Thanksgiving, you were a popular topic of conversation. We, with everyone else, will love having you here NEXT Christmas! YIPPEE!

There is so much for us to talk about...remember I told you that Pops and I were going to practice with five little friends and a gingerbread party? We might have had more fun than the kids did...but look what we made!

We had so much fun, and can't wait until we get to make gingerbread houses with you and your (hopefully many) brothers, sisters and cousins!

Mommy and Daddy lovingly told everyone that anything for you would make a great Christmas present. BIG MISTAKE...they got very little...YOU got alot!

Lolli and Pops bought this (so you can come and stay here ALOT)...

Dad, Pops and Uncle John had to assemble it, and yes - they ultimately did have to refer to the directions (they HATE to do that you will learn).

Auntie Nicole went CRAZY and bought you some precious clothes, actually ALOT of precious clothes. Your Mommy may have had more fun unwrapping them than anything else she ( got.

And Lolli won out where you were concerned as well...

Opening my first present...look what I (ahem WE) got!

Lolli got a bag for when we are together...look it says LOLLI! And, for some reason Mommy and Daddy also thought I would want this great photo clutch...wonder who they think I'll be carrying photos of ;p

And look what Pops gave us to create those photos...really big YIPPPEEE! (I "practiced" alot this Christmas...just ask anybody) ;p

Pops and I have this precious friend named Beverly...she is a grandmother extraordinaire! Look what she gave US!

And, I can keep adding all our other grandchildren as they come into our family...isn't it cute?

Auntie Nicole and Uncle John gave US a great book...LOOK, don't you love it?

And look inside...aren't the illustrations just beautiful? We will have fun learning how to play the games, sing the songs and learn the is a very special gift and I know your Auntie Nicole spent alot of time to choose the perfect book - it is one of my favorite things, for sure!

And speaking of learning games and singing songs, cousins Shelly and Gennie made this CD for all of us...can you imagine how much time they spent making this for our family? See how much you are going to be loved!

There are so many fun photos from our LCBM (Last Christmas Before Mackenzie), I can't possibly fit them, I'll pick a couple of my favs...

All of us girls wore matching jammies and socks, and can't wait until next year when we get to all match with YOU! Although the manly MEN of the family wouldn't totally play the game, they did (because they love us so much) agree to this family pose. We plan on posing like this each will be such a fun way to watch our family grow!

We did have a great LCBM, but Lolli wants to remind you that Christmas is really about a big birthday party to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It will be such a gift to teach you about Him...

God loves you so Mackenzie Lynne, and soooooo does Lolli! We're counting the days until you arrive.

P.S. Speaking of counting the haven't even heard about Grumps & Endie's LCBM yet! You are one lucky little girl!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh my, Mackenzie...look! It's the first "official" present Lolli and Pops have bought just for YOU. I know I should have hid it till Christmas...but I just can't wait!

One night, with the Christmas lights on the tree, the mantle looked warm and cozy...Lolli and Pops sat and talked about THE book that meant the most to us at Christmas time when we were children. Of course, our Bibles, the story of the birth of Baby Jesus is the most important book to all of us...

Another book that both of our families spent hours and hours and hours with was The Night Before Christmas.

The book we have for you is illustrated by Mary Englebriet, she is a very colorful, very happy artist that regardless of your age...she just makes you smile. I trust you will love her work, just as Lolli does. There are many artists, with many styles that makes Lolli smile...we'll just have to find the ones that make you smile! What a journey, what fun we will have...

So, Lolli and Pops will let Mommy and Daddy unwrap this book for you on this Christmas. I hope your Daddy will read the book to all of us on Christmas Evening.

As you hear your Daddy's voice read the story, I hope you are awake and can hear the magical tale. I would love it if you started kicking Mommy's tummy as you hear the story! But if you're taking a worries.

We'll just have visions of sugarplums...dreaming of holding you next year as we tell the same story.

God loves you Mackenzie, and so does Lolli.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lolli and Pops Are Rehearsing

Mackenzie look at your Mommy! And look at you, you little sugar pie, you are just perfect and beginning to grow!

We've all been getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Every time Pops and I go shopping or get ready to decorate, we find something we want for you, everything makes us think of you and how special next Christmas will be! Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun and full of lovin'!

This week Pops and I are going to "practice". I'm pretty sure we won't need too much training to be your grandparents, but practice makes perfect. Lolli and Pops have invited five little friends over to make gingerbread houses and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I'll send you some pictures later. We are excited, everyone is wearing their Christmas pajamas, we're taking pictures, reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs. Can't wait sweetie till we can do that with you!

And you only deserve the very best grandparents in the whole wide world. Grumps and Endie already are in good shape, they have "practiced" with your cousins Aiden and are gonna love them, and they are gonna love you! There are so many people angel that can't wait for your arrival.

Some of those people are Lolli's friends, because I am driving them nuts! They know more about you than they might care to know, oh well...can't help it! Actually, I haven't even made an effort. I've waited a lifetime for you!

Auntie Nicole is getting excited for you, too! She is planning a very special party next month in your honor. At this "shower" you will receive many things that will be frilly, cute, beautiful, sentimental and uncomfortable. Yes, Mackenzie, being a girl requires discomfort occasionally, but it is usually so worth it. Bows, shoes, tights...ultimately you may grow to love them, because they make us all look OOHHH so beautiful.

Oh, and someone else wants to say hello before we go.

This is Gracie, she is part of the family...she is kind, big, gentle and will take good care of you when you are at Lolli and Pops'.

God loves you Mackenzie, Lolli prays for you everyday, you are perfect in His eyes and mine. I'll be back soon, going to go now to get ready for our five little friends. Next year, we'll hold you and tell you all about Christmas...the best gift we will ever receive.