Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh my, Mackenzie...look! It's the first "official" present Lolli and Pops have bought just for YOU. I know I should have hid it till Christmas...but I just can't wait!

One night, with the Christmas lights on the tree, the mantle looked warm and cozy...Lolli and Pops sat and talked about THE book that meant the most to us at Christmas time when we were children. Of course, our Bibles, the story of the birth of Baby Jesus is the most important book to all of us...

Another book that both of our families spent hours and hours and hours with was The Night Before Christmas.

The book we have for you is illustrated by Mary Englebriet, she is a very colorful, very happy artist that regardless of your age...she just makes you smile. I trust you will love her work, just as Lolli does. There are many artists, with many styles that makes Lolli smile...we'll just have to find the ones that make you smile! What a journey, what fun we will have...

So, Lolli and Pops will let Mommy and Daddy unwrap this book for you on this Christmas. I hope your Daddy will read the book to all of us on Christmas Evening.

As you hear your Daddy's voice read the story, I hope you are awake and can hear the magical tale. I would love it if you started kicking Mommy's tummy as you hear the story! But if you're taking a worries.

We'll just have visions of sugarplums...dreaming of holding you next year as we tell the same story.

God loves you Mackenzie, and so does Lolli.

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