Thursday, May 20, 2010

Glorious Mother's Day (lolli day)

Lil Miss Mackenzie, you gave Lolli a Mother's Day (our first together) she will never forget! It was one of the most blessed family days I have ever felt.

Now, I might need to give Pops, Mommy & Daddy, Aunt Nicole & Uncle John and Aunt Lori & Uncle Rich a little credit here. They organized the perfect day for all of us!

We started with brunch...the weather was glorious...and we strolled through the Dallas Arboretum for the day.

There is so much beauty there...words will not suffice.

Maybe the next time we go, you will be awake ;p.

You stayed awake long enough to get your bottle...I snapped a quick photo. The only one I got the entire day with your pretty eyes open!

and snapped this real quick...

Pops really wanted you to wake up...

And you totally missed his story about Peter Rabbit! We got you a Beatrix Potter copy of Peter we will certainly read the story later (when you're more than 2-1/2 months old).

And look at Ferdinand!

And my gifts...sugar pie...I loved them!

Months ago I found this artist on, shared that I loved her work and would really love to have this necklace. I think a little bird (Pops) must have shared that with Mommy & Daddy. (Thank you to all involved...I do so love this necklace).

Sweet girl, Lolli and Pops do believe the angels sang the day you were born.

I also got new photos of are growing up so fast. That probably sounds like and eccentric grandmother...well ok, I probably am.

I read this the other day...

"I learned a lot about the faithfulness of God from my grandmother. I know I was never far from her thoughs. She showed that in a thousand ways...letters written to me at school, phone calls, little gifts purchased here and there with me in mind. She delighted in caring for me but not because of anything I did, but simply because I was hers."

I hope to be that kind of grandmother...that you always know I love you so - always. Because, you are ours.

Lolli and Pops will get to spend the night at your house this weekend...and I can't wait! I just don't think this week will ever end.

Sweet girl, I pray for you daily...

And love you beyond words (and so does Pops).


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your First...Our First

Age: 2 months old

Little Miss Mackenzie,

Lolli and Pops were so happy that you, Mommy and Daddy all came to stay the night with us. Your first sleepover!

You even got here early enough to cheer at your first Tiger softball / baseball game.

As usual, Pops grabbed you first...and I had to practically wrestle you from his arms to get a turn to hold you.

I tease Pops about him "hogging" you...but deep down...I so love that he is so possessive of you. It's symbolic, to me, of his fierce love for you - and I love it!

And we got the best surprise when it was time to tuck you in. Mommy and Daddy invited us into the bedroom, we all held hands (starting and ending with you), and prayed with that cute little bear..."Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep..."

Mackenzie - moments like this will be burned into my heart forever.

I will get to see you again in just a few days. We are all going to meet at the Dallas Arboretum for Mother's Day lunch and family photo day! Might not sound so great to someone else - but to Lolli it's a dream day.

Can't wait to hold you, and getting to love on you (as soon as Pops hands you over) ;p (never worry...I can make up for lost time). I love you, and God hears your name daily.


P.S. I have big's all about "time"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Morning Has Broken...First Easter

Your first Easter dress...

Your first Easter chick...

Your first Spring visit to Papa's...

Your first Easter meant so much to so many....

You were very relaxed on your first Easter...

And still...everytime I see those eyes...

My heart melts.

Easter 2010
Dear Lord,
Please guide my grandchild Mackenzie to your gift of salvation. I pray that she will come to know you, to love you and to walk close to you throughout her life. May she boldly claim Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Guide her as she mkes choices that have eternal consequences. Help her to follow you each moment of her life. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen

Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Ones to Him Belong

Little Miss Mackenzie,

We are approaching Easter. There is so much to teach you about Easter, but for now, just know that because of Jesus and the events of Easter, we will enjoy eternity in heaven.

There has never been, or will ever be, a greater gift.

I received a present this week that could not have come at a more appropriate time.

I have a sweet friend named Rosemary. Like Beverly I told you about earlier, she is a grandmother extraordinaire, I should offer to pay them for lessons!

This week, she gave me this...

First glance, yes it IS a beautiful book. But you should see what is inside...


definitely a favorite of mine...

This Bible will help guide us to grow stronger in Christ together. Yes, this Bible is a partnership for children, parents and grandparents...I love it! It will certainly be one of our "forever" books...and I thank Rosemary so much for thinking of us.

It is such a privilege for parents and grandparents to pray and prepare the hearts of their children or grandchildren. We are so helpless when it comes to so many things, but here we have strength.

It's an odd combination of tenderness and an almighty power.

I can't wait for our first Easter together little love.

I pray that God will always find your Lolli worthy of you.

Another thing about Easter...there are earthly gifts, none can compare of course, but they definitely create traditions for families. We will dye Easter eggs together, shop for beautiful little dresses (Mommy & Daddy have a beautiful one for you already), shoes, bows, and family Easter dinners. I look forward to each, and will be thankful for (no matter how small or insignificant) each pleasure.

Happy First Easter, Lolli and Pops pray for you daily.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guardian Angel...

Guardian Angel pure and bright
guard me while I sleep tonight.

Little Miss Mackenzie, your room is just precious. I started to say as precious as you, but have decided there is nothing that precious.

Mommy and Daddy have done such a good job at creating a beautiful, sweet reflection of the peaceful world they intend to provide for you.

There were many "big" jobs before you arrived, like LOTS of painting, putting up beadboard and trim and hours of dreaming of how to make it perfect for you.

Mommy and Daddy finished your nursery just before you were born...and here are just a few of the details...

cozy, comfy, beautiful changing station (great lamp, Endie!)...

lots of friends always waiting...

a sweet, musical mobile...hearts (of course!)

and "i" want to thank Mommy and Daddy for letting Lolli add a little something to your room...

love to think that God's word is always near...

Maybe someday Lolli will post something that is not so mushy...(maybe not)!

You have changed our world, our family and taught us so much about love in just the few weeks you have been here.

We love you...and pray for you daily little love. I can't wait to hold you again (soon)...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Charm

-old Irish lyric-

Lucky for us...

Lucky for you...

Happy first St. Patrick's Day, Miss Mackenzie.

You are definitely like warm sunshine on our faces.

Love and prayers...Lolli

(PS...Pops got to hold you today...lucky Pops!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


You are one week old!

When I say it like that, it "sounds" so short. But when Lolli and Pops haven't seen you for a whole "sounds" like a looonnnggg time.

There are so many people that love you and praying for you. We are blessed to have friends that remember to go to God in praise, not just in the difficult times of life. So, when God hears your name each day, he then hears thank you.

Mommy and Daddy are just so good with you. Their confidence astounds me, and it is a powerful, comforting sight to see them working as a "team" to care for your every need. You are blessed that God has loaned you to such a good Mommy and Daddy.

You're getting extra feedings right now, you are so sweet to watch. Within just a few minutes your eyes begin to'll pop them open to try to stay awake...but then you just drift back off.

(by the way, you are yawning crying allowed when Lolli and Pops are in the house) ;p

Your eyes are captivating, so big, so beautiful...

I know you must be tired of hearing the camera must feel like a movie star! In the reality of our world, you are much more important than any movie star! And Pops would add more beautiful, too.

Lolli and Pops both said as we walked out of your pretty little house, "it's so much harder to leave now." And it is.

You change so much from week to week. You continue to be a little miracle for this family. It's true, the angels danced the day you were born.

Lolli and Pops can't wait to see you in a few more days. Keep growin' little one.