Sunday, March 7, 2010


You are one week old!

When I say it like that, it "sounds" so short. But when Lolli and Pops haven't seen you for a whole "sounds" like a looonnnggg time.

There are so many people that love you and praying for you. We are blessed to have friends that remember to go to God in praise, not just in the difficult times of life. So, when God hears your name each day, he then hears thank you.

Mommy and Daddy are just so good with you. Their confidence astounds me, and it is a powerful, comforting sight to see them working as a "team" to care for your every need. You are blessed that God has loaned you to such a good Mommy and Daddy.

You're getting extra feedings right now, you are so sweet to watch. Within just a few minutes your eyes begin to'll pop them open to try to stay awake...but then you just drift back off.

(by the way, you are yawning crying allowed when Lolli and Pops are in the house) ;p

Your eyes are captivating, so big, so beautiful...

I know you must be tired of hearing the camera must feel like a movie star! In the reality of our world, you are much more important than any movie star! And Pops would add more beautiful, too.

Lolli and Pops both said as we walked out of your pretty little house, "it's so much harder to leave now." And it is.

You change so much from week to week. You continue to be a little miracle for this family. It's true, the angels danced the day you were born.

Lolli and Pops can't wait to see you in a few more days. Keep growin' little one.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Cant wait to hear ALL about your weekend!!!