Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Ones to Him Belong

Little Miss Mackenzie,

We are approaching Easter. There is so much to teach you about Easter, but for now, just know that because of Jesus and the events of Easter, we will enjoy eternity in heaven.

There has never been, or will ever be, a greater gift.

I received a present this week that could not have come at a more appropriate time.

I have a sweet friend named Rosemary. Like Beverly I told you about earlier, she is a grandmother extraordinaire, I should offer to pay them for lessons!

This week, she gave me this...

First glance, yes it IS a beautiful book. But you should see what is inside...


definitely a favorite of mine...

This Bible will help guide us to grow stronger in Christ together. Yes, this Bible is a partnership for children, parents and grandparents...I love it! It will certainly be one of our "forever" books...and I thank Rosemary so much for thinking of us.

It is such a privilege for parents and grandparents to pray and prepare the hearts of their children or grandchildren. We are so helpless when it comes to so many things, but here we have strength.

It's an odd combination of tenderness and an almighty power.

I can't wait for our first Easter together little love.

I pray that God will always find your Lolli worthy of you.

Another thing about Easter...there are earthly gifts, none can compare of course, but they definitely create traditions for families. We will dye Easter eggs together, shop for beautiful little dresses (Mommy & Daddy have a beautiful one for you already), shoes, bows, and family Easter dinners. I look forward to each, and will be thankful for (no matter how small or insignificant) each pleasure.

Happy First Easter, Lolli and Pops pray for you daily.

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