Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Valentine

Mackenzie, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Lolli and Pops have invited the entire family over to celebrate with all our LOVEs and the February birthdays.

We will have a big old lunch after church. Lunch after church is a valued tradition of some "mature" Southern women , we look forward to when it is our turn. Whether the "tradition" of Sunday lunch began as a gaurantee to get your family to go to church together, or whether the family begged the Mom or Grandmother to cook - who cares, both are great ideas! It is something I have looked forward to all my life, and I'm glad it's finally my turn. The only thing that will make it better - when you and your brothers, sisters and cousins fill the house.

Wow...Sunday morning, church, lunch and everyone will be a precious time for my heart.

"From the heart of a godly grandmother,
Living water flows...
Refreshing the lives of her family." Unknown

Your Mommy's birthday will be celebrated tomorrow, she asked for Mummy's strawberry cake, and she shall receive. That was one of Mummy's special gifts to the family - you got to pick out your cake and she would make it from one of her yummy recipes. Your Pops loves Mummy's strawberry cake, too, it may be his favorite!

As badly as we all want to hold you, I must admit it's a little unsettling to see your own children become parents. Where did the time go, in the blink of an eye, they were grown...

And I LOVE this one of Mommy with Grumps...the perfect Valentine photo.

Your Mommy is beautiful as a woman, but as a little girl, doesn't she just knock your socks off! And look at that she could bat those big eyes and have the world at her fingertips.

We are all fairly confident you will have those same abilities. Yes, you undoubtedly will be precious - but I'll tell you right now, you've got a fairly easy group to control...we will be putty in your sweet little hands.

Life does teach us to treasure our time together.

Next month will be your birthday. And I have a feeling that this little family, as deeply as we love one another, have not a clue about the love to come. That Mackenzie kind of love...can't wait!

I've got to get busy making the cake now. Today, I'll be thinking about when we can bake together...we should get matching aprons!

Lolli and Pops love you sweet Mackenzie. We pray daily, God hears your name each day. The days are close when we can pray for you, as we hold you.


  1. I can just see y'all in the matching aprons! Get mom says there is nothing like a grandbaby!:)

  2. Wonderful idea to write these loving thoughts for your unborn granddaughter..what a blessing these will be when she can read this herself. Babies are God's way of showing us ..perfect, unconditional love.