Sunday, November 15, 2009

Even Before You Were Born

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Even before you were born...

So they phoned both sets of grandparents....

Justin & Casey invited both sets of grandparents to a restaurant on the day we knew they were having a sonogram.

They walked in with two gift sacks, one marked for Casey's parents: Grumps & Endie, the other marked for us: Lolli & Pops.

They excused themselves, and left the gift sacks in the hands of the one most likely not to peek...

Grumps...holding the bags!

When they returned, thankfully they didn't make us wait until the end of the evening...they gave the grandmothers the gift sacks...

So, Endie and Lolli reached into the bag and found....

A sonogram photo, in a precious picture frame...

So Little So Loved, it said. And in glittery pink letters, we saw the photo of our precious GRANDDAUGHTER...

Mackenzie Lynne

Grumps, Mommy, Endie & Mackenzie

Lolli, Pops, Daddy & Mackenzie

She is due March 24, 2010.

As a grandmother, it is important that my granddaughter knows this...

Dear Mackenzie,

I loved you the moment I knew you were on your way.

My joy was unable to be contained. I've already forced family, friends and yes - even perfect strangers to learn your date to arrive, how to spell your name correctly and to look at your sonogram photos as I point out each of your perfect features.

When I look at your Mommy and Daddy, I try to imagine who you will look like. I just simply can't wait to see you...whether you have Mommy's eyes, Daddy's hair...don't worry about a thing - they are both lookers ;) Lucky Girl!

More important than their good looks, I pray, and have full confidence that you will be born with your Mommy & Daddy's profound love and trust of God and devotion to family.

Although I ache to hold you, to place goofy over sized bows on your head, and gush in my baby talk voice as I read to you (I do have different story voices, I intend to impress you with my full repertoire)...the thing I long for the most...

Is to see the smiles on your Mommy & Daddy's faces when you are placed in their arms.

The circle will be complete.

God loves you Mackenzie Lynne and so does your Lolli. You are perfect in His eyes and mine.

Lolli & Pops (forever watching over you)

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  1. this brought me to tears. what a lucky little grandchild she will be to have you as a dear lolli~!

    before my grandma passed away years ago, i can honestly say, she was my very best friend & the best play partner - ever!

    p.s. march - it's a great bday month!!! ;)