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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I never wanted to be anything but a Mom....well, actually that's a little fib...I wanted to be a Mom to at least six kids. I wanted to be in the stands every Friday night cheering for years and years...for my kids, then their kids.
God's plan was not for me to be a birth mom. My sister shared her children in a way that I'm not sure many would do. She allowed me to love them as she would, she allowed them to love me as they love her. What a gift...she will never be able to understand how she truly filled a hole in my heart. They are now 25, 24, 20 and 18 and are as much a part of my life today as the day they were born.
Then, John did the same. When we married, he allowed me to love his children as their Mom would have. Many times I have felt guilty that I am here for this part of their precious lives, but try to honor her by simply filling in - never to replace her. And, fortunately, Justin and Nicole have allowed me into a special place in their hearts - not one that is reserved only for their Mom - but one in the parking spot right beside.
So as Nicole married John last summer, and Justin married Casey last fall, it was no secret to anyone that I couldn't wait for them to build their families.
We've known for a few weeks that it is happening, but honored them until they were ready to share the news with the entire world.
Well, world, please meet our first grandchild....OMG, can hardly believe it!
Our daughter-in-law Casey is 10-1/2 weeks pregnant, and we are thrilled.
Full out warning, I will force you to look at pictures all the time, you will be laden with stories about something (probably ordinary) extraordinary that this child will do. I will be the grandmother that will spoil them rotten, and remind their parents daily that God has trusted them with his greatest treasure.
And, we have "our" official names....
Let me introduce two new soon-to-be grandparents: Lolli (me) and Pops (John)
You will recognize us - we're the ones that you couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces if you tried!

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  1. How beautiful are you? Oh my gracious. I can hear your heart as I read your loving words to your family and those to your grandchild. I am sitting here with tears streaming my face at the enormous amount of LOVE you have for a child that isn't even here yet and how the Lord is giving you the desire of your heart with this precious grandchild. At the same time I am questioning God and His ways..... Even though I realize how small I am in the grand scheme of things, His ways and His plan. But still. I want to know. I have questions and there are just major things that I do not understand. One would be how on earth do some people get amazing, incredible, beautiful, loving, supportive Mothers and Grandmothers LIKE YOU, and others just do not. I cannot stop the tears as I read and re -read these beautiful words to your grand baby.

    I. cannot. imagine.

    I would give anything for my children to know that kind of love and acceptance and just the way you cherish that precious baby.
    Neither side of our "family" will have anything to do with us or our five precious children. My children do not really know grandparents. They do not know family other than Mommy and Daddy and that's okay with me. It's been that way for so long. That is until I read something like this and see what they could have had.....

    You are one incredible and amazing Mother and " Lolli." I know this Christmas and next will be your best ones yet. May the One who shines so brightly from within in you, pour out blessings upon your life in ways that you never could have imagined. May you continue to be a bright, shining light and Godly example in your daily life as well as in the blog community. You absolutely overflow with the love of our Heavenly Father.

    It was my pleasure to visit you today....