Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful For So Many Loves

Dear Miss Mackenzie,

We are all very busy, it's holiday time - I am sure you will LOVE all our holidays!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that families and friends gather and give thanks for all our blessings. This weekend we are "gathering" a little early...the family is growing, some can't be with us, yet you will soon learn that we are devoted to maintain our familiar traditions, and build new ones.

Tonight I made fudge (half without pecans so Uncle John can have some) and am waiting for a carrot cake to come out of the oven. You will also quickly learn that you can count on this family to provide, in the words of your Pops, "enough to feed an army." I think it might be some our Southern way of lovin' on our family.

I didn't want you to think I was too busy for you. It's something that Pops and I talk about alot...we intend to adjust our lives and commitments to guarantee plenty of love time with you!

Your Pops is a pretty big sweetheart...we'll talk about him alot! I want you to know that your Daddy is an "apple that didn't fall from the tree" (another Southern phrase you may pick up). It simply means that they share very many of the same sentiments and qualities.

This week your Daddy posted a message on a message board that made my heart melt and my eyes cry. It was a VERY sweet message that let me know he has a special place in his heart for "Mom".

We will all be sure you get to know your Grandma Nelda. She is your birth grandma, your Daddy's mother. She went to live in Heaven quite a while ago, and I'm sure she has been assigned as one of your guardian angels. She is very special.

Although I am not your "natural" grandmother, I love your Daddy & Mommy, Pops, Aunt Nicole and Uncle John as if I were.

That might help you understand why your Daddy's message was especialy sweet...this is what Daddy wrote, what Auntie Nicole said, what I said and then what your Great Auntie Lori said (whew)....

Justin Spies: Just wanted to let you know you were being thought about up here; about how much of an amazing gift from God you are to all of us, and how thankful we are that He brought you to my dad and into our lives. Thanks for being a great mom (and Lolli soon)Sun at 9:05pm

Nicole Spies Spurlin likes this.

Donna Spies: I read this immediately as you posted that I've been able to compose myself enough to reply...I am the one that is thankful. I love you (all).
Sun at 9:37pm ·

Lori Spies: Smiling as I read this...
Mon at 9:06am ·

Pretty beautiful stuff, huh? Miss Mackenzie, prepare yourself to be loved beyond belief! Your Daddy is one incredible guy (we'll talk about your precious Mommy next time).

So Miss Mackenzie, as we are preparing for Thanksgiving, we are also preparing to welcome you into this big, wonderful world.

Your family is here giving thanks and waiting for you....don't they just sound great! Well, they are...

Lolli loves you, prays for you, and can't wait to hold you. We have SO much to be thankful for...we are especially thankful that God has created you.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you," Jeremiah 1:5

Happy Thanksgiving family, friends and our newest love, Mackenzie Lynne.

God is so good...

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  1. What a sweet family your little one is going to be born into. And you couldn't get cuter than "lolli and pops." Stopping by from Sugar Pie Farmhouse, by the way :) It's great to meet you.